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Recruitment lessons from Covid-19

The pandemic has shifted how we work and how we search for, recruit, and hire talent. Our team have observed these disruptions and identified recruitment tips for HR teams, which can be used during other emergencies.

  • Remote work unpacked – Remote work is not a nice to have, but rather a strategy that has become a core component of our workforce. Potential senior and executive talent are proactively seeking remote and flexible work arrangements beyond the pandemic. Understand the remote work strategy and be prepared to answer detailed questions about it, to attract and recruit top senior and executive talent. 
  • Isolated online advertising is over-rated – The pandemic caused high unemployment across industries and sectors. Recruiting via an isolated online advertising strategy may result in high volume applications that do not meet your application or role selection criteria. Candidate research and shortlisting remains a key strategy to recruit senior talent. Our team specialises in this.
  • Virtual interviewing – HR teams often rely on a gut feeling about candidates and rapport during the interview process. Virtual interviews, however, make this tactic, challenging. Job and role profiling help to identify the type of candidates being sought and sets certain standards for the candidate selection process. Best practice in virtual interviewing means a carefully designed interview process, that includes behavioral questions and personality indicators.
  • Assessments tell a story – The requirements to excel at a job differs across industries, sectors and size of organization. Executive recruitment cannot rely on a CV alone. Assessments provide an unbiased and objective indication of competency across a range of general or specific skills core to a job. They are also key at identifying core skills for excelling in a role and whether a candidate displays them or not.

At Talent Trace, we aim to bridge the gap between people, culture, passion, and purpose. We search and trace high caliber talent to find a people – organisation fit. Our team focus on gaining a deep understanding of the companies we recruit for and their organisational culture. We act as a custodian of your brand to identify and trace top talent. We match talent to your specific business needs – blending search with successful placements. Who we place, is as important to us, as where we place them?

From executive search to job and role profiling to intelligence gathering and assessments, our team can connect you with qualified, competent candidates who have the skills and the passion to succeed.

Our team are specialists at sourcing and targeting talent to fill a senior role, first time.

Let our Talent Trace team assess talent to suit your business needs – blending data with successful placements. 

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Talent Trace is an executive search and recruitment agency. 

 We search and trace high calibre talent to find a people – organisation fit. Our aim is to help you attract, retain and advance employee talent.


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