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Using data to trace talent

Talent acquisition for senior management and Executive roles requires more than short-listing CV’s. Our team understand the value placed on recruiting the right talent, and often objective feedback is required. Assessments are important tools to determine candidate suitability for a role as well as skills and personality compatibility within a team. Our team use a range of intelligence tools to provide candidate assessments for our clients. We have the experience, resources and techniques to provide objective, unbiased candidate assessments. 

Depending on the role requirements, assessments provide an objective evaluation of a candidate’s personality, cognitive and professional skills. Data from assessments can help organizations to pinpoint areas of talent management beforehand, whilst identifying candidate alignment in a role, a team and with organizational goals. We provide expertise determining the right assessment tools for your organization and can conduct many assessments to suit your needs.

Our tips to candidates during assessments: 

  • Always be honest – Life happens, and this impacts our ability to sustain ourselves. If you have a problem with your credit profile or a criminal record, be honest about it upfront. The information is likely to come up anyway, being honest about it places you at an advantage. Disclosure enables a company to understand your circumstances and it can build trust during the recruitment process. 
  • Authenticity : Represent yourself not an ideal – Truthfully represent yourself, your skills and your experience in previous roles. That way, regardless of who interviews you, your information is consistent. Companies will conduct reference checks on candidates and may not take lightly to you representing a different version of yourself. Don’t jeopardize your opportunity, stay true to who you are and celebrate your achievements honestly. 
  • Assessments don’t lie – if you claim to have a skill or experience, a client will assess it. It will become apparent after the assessment if you do not possess the skill, personality or role fit you claimed. Stick to the facts, and you will excel.

Our Talent Trace team also provide credit check’s, criminal records and educational verification to ensure credibility of the candidates we place. Feedback is provided objectively, with respect to the candidate and the organization we represent. We are dedicated to being a high-value partner to both the organization securing our services and the candidate being assessed. Let our Talent Trace team assess talent to suit your business needs – blending data with successful placements. 

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